Metas de Enfermería
Formación sobre envejecimiento en el Pregrado de Enfermería en Portugal
Metas Enferm nov 2017; 20(9): 50-54.
Ana Clara Nunes, Rogério Ferrinho Ferreira, Ana Sobral Canhestro, Salvador Postigo Mota


Objective: to assess if training on ageing should be included in the Undergraduate Nursing Courses of Study in all the institutions teaching this degree in Portugal, as well as to identify the time (credits) assigned to said training.
Method: a documentary research was conducted in two stages, from March to May, 2015. In the first stage, there was a search through the General Management of Tertiary Education of Portugal of all the public and private institutions teaching Undergraduate Nursing. Subsequently, there was a retrieval of all the Undergraduate Nursing Courses of Study, one per centre. The second stage consisted in a documentary analysis of the Decree-Laws for the different Courses of Study retrieved, reviewing in detail the subjects for each course, and identifying those which were related to “training on ageing”.  
Results: in Portugal, 42 public and private tertiary institutions were identified as teaching Undergraduate Nursing; 41 Courses of Study were retrieved, and 78% of them included subjects associated with ageing, with very diverse terminology, while 75.6% included subjects of two types: theoretical and practical. It was confirmed that the majority of the Courses of Study assigned between two and ten credits to those subjects associated with ageing (53%), and said subjects were more frequent among the second and third years of the degree.
Conclusions: it was observed that the contents regarding ageing were insufficient or non-existing, both in the theoretical and practical settings, in a high number of Nursing Undergraduate Courses of Study in Portugal. Therefore, a future review of these courses of study would be recommended, as well as the assessment of the importance of increasing the credits assigned to training on ageing. 

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